01 – How did you find your way to cooking?

„Growing up at home with the best products and dishes of Styria, I soon found my passion for the cooking profession. Today I am happy to be able to work in one of the most creative jobs in the world.“


02 – What is so special about your cuisine?

„Eating must never be bland or boring. Food, and even simple dishes, should inspire the taste buds and soul. Trained in the traditional French Cuisine, I like to cook hearty and light at the same time.“


03 – What inspires the Tannenhof cuisine?

„We do not solely focus on Tyrolean recipes, but find inspiration throughout the Alps. We are constantly searching for new tastes, taking our guests on a culinary journey of discovery without any limits between Nice in France and Vienna. The very best products from the Alpine Arc can be found in the Tannenhof kitchen, including freshwater and Mediterranean fish. We pursue a sustainable concept that leaves room for creativity and that amazes our guests again and again.“


“We know our guests’ expectations are high, but we believe that by the simple elegance of our dishes and the exceptional team spirit of our kitchen and service staff, who pour their passion into each of our dishes, we can exceed them by far”, says Jantscher. Many awards and accolades are a testimony to his approach, inspiring the Tannenhof team to constantly improve and continue to impress their guests with innovation and excellence.

04 – How do you develop new dishes and menus? Where do the ideas come from?

„Austria and the Arlberg region are a culinary treasure trove. The animals from the best and most honest cattle farmers and venison from the region can be found on the menu, as well as specialities from my own breeding: pigeons, pheasants, chickens, rabbits, snails etc. Seasonal offers are very important, as well as products from neighbouring alpine regions, so that our guests can experience a variety at any time.“


05 – What is the human element of your Gourmet Cuisine?

„The upscale cuisine is not for egomaniacs, it is more like a team sport. Every team member in the kitchen as well as in the service gives their best and a respectful interaction with each other is essential for success. The time of giving strict commands in the kitchen are over. Today, it is more important than ever that the spirit in the kitchen and service team is harmonious. Moreover it is also essential to build a good network with the best producers and to inspire and promote them for even better and, if possible even new products.“