Small Luxury
Individual style for memories to stay

As a hidden gem with style and charm in the heart of the Alps – a unique place of magnificence – we are a proud member to the association of Small Luxury Hotels. Representing individual design, unique charm, and the best service, catering for each of our guests’ individual needs and wishes, Hotel Tannenhof is not your typical hotel. Our service team of 24 staff members is available at your disposal around the clock, ready to make your dreams a reality and creating a memorable experience just for you.

The unique Tannenhof lifestyle rests on the fascinating blend of rustic wooden panelling and exquisite modern design elements. Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and let yourself be pampered. Seven elegant suites ensure an exclusive retreat, rounded off by the superior service of our 24 highly qualified staff members.

Your Secret Hideaway - Chalet Tannenhof
from € 24.000 per night

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