Herbs compress massage
Detox treatment
Aqua Organic
Luxury facial

This wellbeing back-treatment is based on warm organic oils and herbal compress. The cotton bags are stuffed with different alpine herbs and are warmed in a steam bath. With soft pressure the muscles will be massaged in fluid motion alternating regularly between the herbal compress and the use of hands.

A warming footbath is followed by a refreshing leg and foot treatment, and an energetic body massage with fascia rolls. In addition to highly-effective sage, juniper berry, rosemary, and thyme oils, we use the very special phyto-powers of mosses, lichens, ferns, mistletoe, fungi, and herbs, which are great for muscles and joints and at the same time they provide the skin with a tremendous amount of moisture, elasticity, and regeneration.

The basis of this treatment is the Zeolith rock, which is especially suitable for purification and detoxification. A detox process is activated in the body through specific massage techniques on the reflex zones of the body as well as with detoxifying pads on the feet.

The body is free from pollutants and toxins in this way and finally pampered with a soothing and relaxing massage.

The ABC of healthy skin. Every letter stands for a specific application area and creates individual skin sensations ranging from cooling to warming and soothing to invigorating. Honesty, balance and wholesomeness are the key values of our concept reflected in the award-winning plain product design. Altogether the evergrowing line embodies our whole medicinal expertise with fluent skills in dermal multisensuality. Organic cosmetics of highest quality.

We pamper, nourish and regenerate your skin with a treatment process tailored to your needs. The active ingredients of the care products are worked into the skin using special massage techniques. The treatment is then rounded off with a fine mask. The result of a recovered and radiant skin is already visible after the first treatment.

The basis for the Alpienne label is the decades-long knowledge of the healing power from herbs. The production is resource-saving and sustainable with raw materials from the picturesque Kaunergrat nature park in Tyrol. The unique care products are created from highly concentrated and 100% herbal active substances.

Sleep, ski & spa
from € 4.434 for 2 person

3 nights

  • Tannenhof’s gourmet kitchen:
    breakfast with an individual table buffet
  • Free 2-day skipass for the entire Arlberg region
  • € 100,00 SPA treatment voucher per person


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