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Gourmet cuisine with James Baron

Meet our Head Chef James Baron. An alumnus of numerous Michelin star restaurants including The Fat Duck, Schloss Schauenstein and Hotel Le Terminus, Baron brings fresh creativity and inspiration to the Tannenhof kitchen.

His signature eight-course tasting menu, for instance, pairs duck liver with quince and Perigord truffle; pikeperch with black salsify; veal with mandarin; and sea buckthorn with carrot and blood orange.

Not only is each course a true work of art, but its ingredients are thoughtfully, responsibly and locally sourced – be it butter from local Jersey cows or herbs foraged from the surrounding hills. Not one for passing food fads or pretentious ingredients, Baron has crafted a menu that is as classic as it is daring; as consistent as it is stylish.

Set in the beautiful surrounding of Hotel Tannenhof’s small and intimate dining room – commanding views down the valley over the twinkling lights of St Anton – Baron’s culinary prowess is matched with a carefully-curated wine list by expert sommelière  Paula Bosch. The complex layering of flavours in each dish is complemented by a truly excellent collection of fine wines.


“I am thrilled to be part of hotel Tannenhof’s great team. I am joining an immensely creative and spirited hotel where I am able to express and develop my culinary ideas. Together we are creating an unforgettable experience for our guests.“