01 – How did you find your way to cooking?

„I grew up in Great Britain and after my A-levels I actually wanted to start studying. While I was in high school, I worked in a restaurant and found the work really inspiring. This is when my passion for gastronomy and cooking was awakened. It has never left me since.“


02 – What is so special about your cuisine?

„The ingredients are the actual stars of the Tannenhof cuisine. We select only the best products, following the highest quality standards. We forage wild berries and local herbs from the surrounding woods during spring and summer, later processing them to create our tasteful delicacies. We know all our suppliers personally and can rely on receiving only the best quality produce.“


03 – What inspires the Tannenhof cuisine?

„We have named our culinary concept Creative Alpine Cuisine. This is because we do not solely focus on Tyrolean recipes, but find inspiration throughout the Alps. We are constantly searching for new tastes, taking our guests on a culinary journey of discovery without any limits between Nice and Vienna. We have a concept of sustainability in mind that leaves plenty of room for creativity, so that we can amaze our guests again every single day.“


“We know our guests’ expectations are high, but we believe that by the simple elegance of our dishes and the exceptional team spirit of our kitchen and service staff, who pour their passion into each of our dishes, we can exceed them by far”, says Baron. Many awards and accolades are a testimony to his approach, inspiring the Tannenhof team to constantly improve and continue to impress their guests with innovation and excellence.

04 – How do you develop new dishes and menus? Where do the ideas come from?

„Creating new recipes is a complex process. It all starts out with the ingredients. Once we know which ingredients to use next season, we have a team meeting with a brainstorming session. Everyone shares their ideas, the best of which are used to step by step create a concept for a new dish, which we will later integrate into our menu.“


05 – What is the human element of your Creative Alpine Cuisine?

„Cooking is never just about products. The wonderful team I work with inspires me every day and impresses me with their passion for our cuisine and exceptional team spirit. We always work together, aiming to surprise our guests with extraordinary tastes. The personal contact with our guests enables us to also cater to individual wishes and create unique culinary experiences for all.“